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Born in London in 1976, Nathan Ford lives and works in Wales. He graduated from The Byam Shaw School of Art in 2000 and has since been shown in numerous solo and group exhibitions in Bath, London, and internationally. His work has been included in the BP Portrait Awards, winning the Visitors Choice Prize in 2011.

Ford grew up in London, and references to London’s landscape and architecture can be seen in his paintings, especially references to Norwood and Crystal Palace where he spent his childhood. Ford moved to a village in rural Wales in 2002. His family, especially his children Joachim and Reuben, feature heavily in his work, whether in the form of atmospheric, detailed portraits within sparse backgrounds, or within cityscapes. Ford’s work is a practice of sensitively considering and economising line, each brush stroke or pencil mark is charged with meaning, memory, feeling. At the heart of his work are notions of identity, place and family.


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