Rustic Table


Ghost Written

Magpie's Table


Hooded Crow

Party Table with Potions

Margaretann Bennett studied at The Glasgow School of Art and has since exhibited in numerous galleries across the UK, including Panter & Hall in London and Arusha Gallery in Edinburgh. Her current practice is deeply rooted in the figurative, creating paintings based on remembrance, loss and the nature of human existence. Within this, she explores themes of personal reflection and self identity where her figures are often charged with a tense, dark energy, touching on the ambiguity of who we think we are and how others may actually see us. Of recurring interest are ideas of alter ego, rebirth and the fine balance between death and decay. Margaretann draws her inspiration from many sources, including friends and characters from her life and various subcultures.

The Abandoned Playground is curated by Daniele Pantano.

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