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Livia Rita is an emerging singer, designer, choreographer and visual artist with an inexhaustible devotion to a progressive way of thinking, based between the Alps and London. Her electronic avant-pop melodies have expanded into the bountiful conceptual debut album –– FUGA FUTURA –– a place of healing and fantasy, where nature rebels and magic abounds all in an attempt to unite otherworldly revolutionaries.


Livia Rita's vision should enchant and bewitch, offering a new style of sensual, intuitive pop music from the occult world that casts spells upon the future. On a journey to re-imagine an immersive sonic landscape, Livia Rita amplifies her etheral, sirenesque sounds with expansive visuals. She aims to overwhelm the senses through reaching beyond music to encompass further artistic realms, channelling intersections between self created ArtFashion, performance art, dance, visual art and digital projects.

Livia Rita's tantalising live performances, with shameless physical investment, are a testament to that desire, luring you into a totally multisensory journey towards Futura. It is at once an invitation to intimacy and a steadfast call for change. Her multidisciplinary expression belies an ambitious search for new identities, limitlessly reinventing themselves in relation to nature, gender and notions of beauty. Eco-feminist perspectives are intertwined in her craft, forging speculative alternatives in radical togetherness.

At the heart of her music and lyrics is a desire to infiltrate your eyes, ears and mind with new ideas, conveying a sense of urgency. Each song and ArtFashion garment fuses further meaning onto the strange, violent and beautiful ways of interacting with nature and technology. Politically charged and ethically concerned, Livia Rita champions social and environmental causes with devoted collaborators. Livia promotes sustainability and equality throughout her practice, embracing community building and activism.

Mixing electronic earthy beats with clear romantic vocals and misty experimental synths, Livia Rita is forming her own eclectic genre-defying sound, stretching beyond pop boundaries into a fluid post-everything era. She subverts with each musical venture – as wild, brutal textures meet fragile, otherworldly melodies in adventurous and gut-wrenchingly emotional ways. These internal outpourings sing your mind into the future, beyond the apocalypse, making music a source of fierce and fiery strength. Livia Rita, together with the music-polymath Toma, writes viscerally emotive songs for the heart and for the dreamers. She manifests power by showing herself vulnerable as an independent queer female artist.


Together with her Avantgardeners Collective, Livia Rita realises her transdimensional vision of the future; through the recent creation of the album companion FUTURA SPELLBOOK, as well as CREATURE METAMORPHOSIS game cards, which summon identities for all fellow freaks, weirdos and witches hiding within our current realm.



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