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The Greatest Apocalypse Could Happen to You



Ask not what your country can’t do for you


Maybe I could love you with unwashed hands


Everyone eats soup / “It’s looking like a limb torn off


Wear underpants like the kid in Home Alone


I’m licking her armpit in the nightmare factory


Hello darkness my old twitter follower


How did they survive my head bound to the stifling Earth


Polish vodka a monster of time & pity


We need a French Revolution


It’s 00/00/00 on 00/00/00


Circle how you feel about reading 


And understanding poetry / I saw


Kurt Cobain trending I hope he’s OK


Covet thy neighbor’s ass out the window


It’s even more beautiful than I remembered


The TV a metaphor for Vermeer’s painting


The policeman sitting on top of the world


He will cut off the chariot lit only by a 


St. Jude candle if you play our song


Feelings of isolation / mood swings


Resentment of people around you


Prone to irrational outbursts


I’ve apparently had cabin fever since I was 12


As you Timothée Chalamet Saoirse Ronan can play me


In maybe the last poem I will ever write


“No one is ever going to love you more than I do


Jim Behrle is a poet.

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