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From European Hymns



Afternoon heat Jackdaws fail

to settle across the square

that’s not quite a square shaded


Golden light drones underpin

circular motifs though the days

are seemingly numbered


with shortening days there’s still

that something when over the

brown morning comes to pass


Translate those clicks completely

firewood & and an armoire stocked

calls home & familiar voices


while the one truth is etched on a

chalk board & postcards advertising

museums wait to be fixed


to the wall digital signal is clearer

than analogue blast through notebook

await the minimalism manual


a helicopter above the wood pull

move the shade all the better

for seeing the pretty

KJFO Interim Report

Get the pencil out move softly & securely

leave the date off the top of the page it’d

only add to the confusion


translate when needs be like the sleeve

to ‘Radioactivity’ & when city streets are

quiet & sun cuts through


steps down a mountain of energy &

a river of power a high-speed telegraph

bridge scansion remnants


repurposed grandeur & surge of sidings

before rebuilding of la gare pendulum

swinging King Hannah’s


Lowdeine moment in slow motion through

the folklore of Collins’ notes in out under &



Kling’s avalanche light cascades onto

stencilled benches ‘you’ve photographed

that before’ seems appropriate


enough the bakery’s closed yet the Paris

train is en-route unbridled intensity in

escaping north read


the small print impremé en Allemagne

par Neef Wittengen Made in 

West Germany provides a lifetime


of pure listening enjoyment the need to

wean off commodities conducting chores

in a shuffled sequence


forewarned by the director of engineering

over at Van Geller’s pan European trip

carry the codes

Andrew Taylor is a Nottingham based poet, editor and critic. His third collection of poems Not There-Here was published by Shearsman Books in October 2021 and follows Radio Mast Horizon (2013) and March (2017). He has collaborated with musician and writer Nick Power, poet Charlie Baylis and visual artist Julie Jones. He is the editor of the forthcoming double volume edition of Peter Finch’s Collected Poems. He is the author of Adrian Henri: A Critical Reading (Greenwich Exchange, 2019). He teaches Creative Writing and English at Nottingham Trent University.

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